Spiritual Reading (90 Min)

Spiritual Reading (90 Min)

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Spiritual Readings are unique readings in which I use my spiritual gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and automatic writing in order to receive messages direct from your Spirit Team.

What To Expect:

I meditate 30 minutes before the reading in order to get permission first and then connect your Spirit Team. Whatever message I receive, I transcribe for you while you are on the call.

I share the message with you and if necessary ask for clarity on anything that was shared. We then discuss the message and any questions that you make have. I will send you a copy of the written message.

Please have questions prepared before the consultation, as at times, your Spirit Team will answer them before we begin the reading.

How Is The Session Conducted?

The session is done via live video call (Zoom).

There will be no refunds offered on Spiritual Readings once you make payment and book this reading.