Spiritual Consultation (60 min)
Spiritual Consultation (60 min)

Spiritual Consultation (60 min)

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What To Expect:

During this session I am able to answer your questions and guide you on your spiritual journey in a conversational manner.  With this, you will be able to understand your current space. 

I then give you practical practices and tools to assist you in the areas that you need to support you on your path. 

How Is The Session Conducted?

The session is done via live phone call (Zoom Audio) and your phone number is completely anonymous.

Payment Plans

If you are having financial challenges, yet still want to book a consultation, no worries, we all have been there. This should not stop you from getting the support that you need. I have payment plans available, You can email me at thespiritdoula@gmail.com Type "Spiritual Reading Payment Plan' in the subject line.

 There will be no refunds offered on Spiritual Consultations once you make payment and book this consultation.